David | Chicago, IL

I grew up in the North, Northwest side of Chicago. I’ve moved around most of my life. Sadly, in most cases due to evictions. Somehow my family always stood close to Main Street Pulaski. Blue line for life bond!! I’m the baby of six kids; five boys, one girl. My sister is the oldest. My father passed away when I was two years old and from the stories I hear, it was a blessing. He was abusive to my mother and drank a lot. I’m the only one of my siblings that doesn’t have a single memory of him.

Growing up my mother worked day and night. I only saw her in the mornings while she woke me up for school. I would walk home and my mother would call home from work to find out what we wanted for dinner. It usually had to be something quick as she was using her lunch break to run and grab us dinner. Then go back to work. My mother is my hero. No extended family helped us. My mom raised six kids in Chicago all by herself. No degree. She scrubbed toilets, cleaned trucks, and learned skills all on her own. We are all still here thanks to her.

David, He/Him/His
Chicago, IL

Photographed & Interviewed by: louie a. ortiz-fonseca


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