Photo Title: Kindergarden Graduation ’89

In this picture, I’m 5 years old in Matamoros Mexico, graduating from Kindergarten, feeling like the happiest kid next to my mother and father.

I remember when I was this age, I always wanted to be around my parents, especially my mother. Being close to them, there was a feeling of feeling safe and protected. I was their first born boy and since I can remember, their biggest pride. I know for a fact now after I came out to my parents, that they always knew their son was special. Never different, simply special.

Throughout the two years of Kindergarden, yes two years, I remember both loving and hating going to school on some days. Kids my age didn’t seem to understand that side of me being special. Not liking hanging out with the boys, no real interest in sports, or playing any of the boy games, preferring to hang out with the girls and doing calm things like reading and book coloring. To them I was the weird kid. But not to my parents.

Thanks to the people behind the kid on this picture, little young Marco was able to pull through. This picture is my parents and myself celebrating my achievement and in a very concsious way, them preparing me for the world out there.

Marco, He/Him/His
Gran Varones Fellow
Brownsville, TX

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