My Request For My Son (A Poem For My Son)

oh my son
they will mock you
and try to stop you
and block your magic
they will twist your beauty
but it is your duty
to do more than laugh and cry away
the ugly words they will say.

oh my son
they will tell you to obey
as it will keep the bullets away
because it won’t. 
they will strike you
and fight you against the ropes
but it is my hope 
that you do not surrender without battle.

oh my son
they will pick apart 
for how you hold your raging heart
while they’ll never speaking once
about how cops hold their guns 
to your head
they will stare and talk at you
until you fall out of yourself
they will want you to run
but hold steady, my son
to who you are 
and who you will become.

oh my son
they will try to take your moon
and steal the room
that you need to grow
they will attempt carve you
and starve you 
until you believe that your magic isn’t real
until you believe you need no sword and shield
don’t bend to their will,
just continue to build.

oh my son, 
it is your duty,
to never let them twist 
your purpose and beauty
into something that they control
my single request for you is to always know
this unrelenting truth
your life, your joy and your rage matters
and our legacies will be proof.


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