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  • Throwback: Easter 1994

    Throwback: Easter 1994

    we weren’t catholic, but easter was still a big thing in our family. and by that, i mean, we got new clothes to show off while doing what we did every other day – sit on the damn steps. we didn’t get easter baskets. we didn’t go to sunday mass.…

  • Transgender Day of Visibility

    Transgender Day of Visibility

    Today we celebrate Trans Day of Visibility, a day to honor and uplift the resilience, strength, and achievements of transgender and gender nonconforming people around the globe. It’s a reminder to stand in solidarity and recognize the vibrant and incredible contributions of the trans community to our universe. As we…



    Did you know that over 30 states in the US have laws that disproportionately penalize individuals based on their HIV positive status, often regardless of actual transmission risk. This stigma not only undermines science and public health efforts, it perpetuates violence against people living with HIV. Today, we stand together…

  • For the Patron Saint Janet Jackson

    For the Patron Saint Janet Jackson

    i have always believed in pop music. i have always believed in the beat. pop music, in its infinite power, was my only religion. and it was the patron saint pop divas like saint janet that i pray for sanctuary, for deliverance. as a young queer person in the late…

  • National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

    National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

    Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD)!!! Today is dedicated to raising awareness about the disproportionate impact of HIV on Black and African American communities. On this day, we also celebrate all Black organizers, activists, queer and trans young people who worked since the onset of the AIDS crisis…

  • Queer Black History – All Year Long.

    Queer Black History – All Year Long.

    Blackness and our histories can’t be placed neatly into the confines of time. We envelope the universe, because our magic is expansive. Happy Black History Month!

  • O’Shae.


    His name was O’Shae, beautiful dancer, protective friend, his heart full of love. His name was O’Shae, vogueing to the beat, taking on the rhythm’s wisdom of a Sage.  His name was O’Shae, in Midwood, they conjured joy and togetherness.  His name was O’Shae, and they killed him. Abdul-Aliy Muhammad…



    oh tiffany, i have no words. just immense gratitude to have known you, shared space with you and worked in partnership with you. may we all be able to change the world for people living with HIV as you did.  i love you so. rest well. Tiffany MarreroOctober 14, 1991…

  • For Christopher

    For Christopher

    christopher collins left this world in 2017. he was my first love and for years, my only love. he was an integral part of HIV prevention youth program development in philadelphia. we met in the mid-1990s. we were part of a group of black & brown queer & trans youth…

  • One Book, One Philadelphia: A Library of Us

    One Book, One Philadelphia: A Library of Us

    To celebrate a season of “My Broken Language, join us ONLINE at 5:30PM EST. for a conversation with featured author Quiara Alegría Hudes; louie ortiz-fonseca, the founder of Gran Varones, a platform for history, culture, and community storytelling through a Black Latinx queer lens; and Roberto Lugo, Philadelphia artist, ceramicist,…

  • Gran Varones Retreat 2022

    Gran Varones Retreat 2022

    this is legacy work.  when gran varones launched in 2014 in philadelphia, our primary goal was to amplify the stories and document the lives of latinx and black latinx lgbtq folks in philadelphia. never could we have imagined that the project would grow and expand in all of the ways…



    on wednesday, february 23, texas governor greg abbott ordered the state’s Family and Protective Services to investigate and possibly prosecute families who support their trans children.  the order also commands that individuals who work in education and healthcare “have a duty” to report transgender and affirming parents to state authorities, while…