Mark | Oakland, CA

I was inspired to start Marking The Path podcast because I felt like we needed a diverse set of voices talking about wellness, authenticity, and what it means to blaze your own path. Oftentimes in the media, we see self-help gurus who are white, talking about their lived experiences that often leaves Black and Brown folks out because they can’t relate to our struggles. Marking The Path is about an intersectional approach to wellness that is rooted in storytelling.

The greatest lesson I am learning is that life is too short– that I can’t wait for the right moment to live out my dreams. Marking The Path has been an idea I’ve had for a while and I was just too scared to pursue the podcast life. I was afraid of failing but life requires that we dare greatly and pursue our dreams while we can.

Marking The Path, a podcast by Mark Travis Rivera is about paving the way forward by sharing stories about finding one’s authentic self. At our core, we need stories to foster human connection and this podcast is going to bring various perspectives into the light. Centered on wellness, this season we will talk to activists, artists, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who all embody what it means to live authentically. Mark believes it is a daily decision to show up as our authentic selves and he hopes this podcast gives you the courage to do just that.

Mark, He/Him/His
Oakland, CA

interviewed & photographed by: Louie A. Ortiz-Fonseca

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