Moi Renee

Remembering Moi Renee and the House Music classic “Miss Honey”

jamaica born and new york raised moi renee studied at alvin ailey before becoming a fixture in the new york queer club scene in the early 1990s.

in 1992 moi renee released the frankie fuentes produced “miss honey.” the track is now categorized as a 90s house track but during its initial release was considered a “bitch track” – an early subgenre of house music.

other bitch tracks include franklin fuentes’ “tyler moore mary” (1995), ralphie rosario’s “la puta” (1995), junior vasquez’s “if madonna calls” (1996) and one of the early baltimore house jams frank ski’s “tony’s bitch track.” (1992).

“miss honey” landed moi renee a now legendary appearance on the public access “gay cable network talk show” hosted by sybil bruncheon.

fifteen years after its release, “miss honey” re-emerged in 2007 when a video of this performance was uploaded on youtube. it was through this medium that the song garnered a new generation of fans.

“miss honey” has since been remixed numerous times and was recently sampled by beyoncé for her 2022 album “renaissance.”

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