Between May 16-20, the Zero Campaign will unite Latinx LGBTQ+ leaders across the country and Latin America to discuss the importance of loving ourselves, our families, our love stories, and our resistance and resilience.

This year’s 2022 Zero Homophobia campaign theme is “I Choose Loving”.

On May 16th, 2022 from 1 PM- 2:15 PM EST, Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center presents: “Loving Ourselves.” LGBTQ+ Latinxs grow up with negative messages about their lives and desires and from an early age, it is easy to get lost in stereotypes and misinformation. Resisting internalized homophobia is often the first step to self-acceptance and cultivating a positive self-image. Moving away from homophobia on an individual level is often the spark for interpersonal, communal, and greater societal change. Through truly “loving ourselves”, we can resist internalized homophobia and increase LGBTQ+ acceptance.


Diego Gonzalez-Medina, HIV Activist and Ballroom Father based in Mexico.

Andrea Gallegos, Sexual Health Educator, and Psychologist based in Ecuador. 

Renato Perez, Psychotherapist, and Counselor based in California. 

Armonté Butler, Fellowship Coordinator, and LGBTQ Activist based in Washington, D.C.

Join our very own Armonté Butler and other amazing panicking on May 16 at 1pm for what is sure to be a powerful conversation. 



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