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Unfortunately the interview was done via phone since I’m exposed daily to C-19 and have refrained from frequent visits. But her story has to be told! Since the pandemic hit her mental health has declined and “Dementia” took over. It has progressed pretty quickly but one thing she has not forgotten is her favorite baby-boy! 

Baby-boy: Yeah, I want to ask you about my coming out as gay back in 1999 at the age of 15 and if it ever affected you?

Grandma: I walked you down the aisle didn’t I? Affect me how? I’ve always been supportive of you! I remember you were 13 running around in my expensive heels. Did I ever tell you? NO?

Baby-boy: No! (I laugh).

Grandma: Well you broke most of the tips of my heels by the way! As She laughed and continued. You were 15 and afraid when you came out to my mother and me. Remember? Remember I told you my adolecent best friend was also gay? Remember!

Baby-boy: Yes 

Grandma: Remember what we told you? That we would support you till the end, fight any battle with you, and one day I would walk you down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams. Remember? I kept my promise didn’t I?

Baby-boy: Yes….Well was it at least challenging for you to accept it?

Grandma: You will always be my number one, nothing will change that whether Gay, Straight, or Transgender. I will always be my I’ll always be your best friend and Grandmother 

Baby-boy: I love you! Did anyone in the family give you grief about my sexuality being that I was the eldest child of your son?

Grandma: Probably they said something here or there. I can’t remember because unimportant people and their words I choose to forget and or ignore. I did tell one person in particular “well at least he’s brave enough to come out, check your side of the family and those who pretend to be straight”

Baby-boy: I love you for this! And who was that?

Grandma: An unimportant person! I love you more than words can express, Hey did I tell you I have a new home? You have to come and see it!

Rolando Rjay Aguirre (he/him)
Gran Varones Fellow
Miami, Florida

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