Francix | Grand Rapids, MI

I’m a Black Gay Dominican that moved to the USA in 2017. Latinx Heritage Month allows us to remember what our ancestors did so that we can thrive today. So many good customs from Latin America and the Caribbean have transcended borders and continents. For me, celebrating this month means celebrating the grace of being born in the Dominican Republic, a land where I had everything and, at the same time, nothing. I had everything cultural, but I also feel that we continue to lack the resources to succeed like people in other countries. It’s hard to survive. Regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves today, we must celebrate Latinx Heritage Month and never forget the shortcomings, especially those that force us to move to new lands. 

That month is also LGBTQ+ History Month. We must continue to uplift the leadership of Black and Latinx Trans folks like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. Decades later, we can say that the battles are still here, but we’re better prepared to fight them because of Black and Latinx trans people. Knowing history helps us fight back while under attack.

Francix (He/Him)
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Interviewed & Photographed by Armonté Butler

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