Edwin | Orlando, Fl.

i came out on april 1, 2010 to my twin sister. i told her on april 1 because if it didn’t work out, i woulda been like “april fools!” a couple of days later, we spoke to my mom. she like, “are you sure? whatever makes you happy.” 

but then we didn’t talk about for a couple of months. i was like “why aren’t you talking about this? i came out to you.” so one day, i said, “are you ashamed of me?” i asked my mom. she got very upset and was like “what would make you say that to me?” i was like, “because you didn’t want to talk to me about it.” she said, “i was giving you time for you to talk to me.” so we spoke about it and our bond has been stronger than ever.

the nights at pulse were always fun. pulse was the place to go on saturday nights. i was there that night. i was on the dance floor when everything started.

it’s been a journey. there was a time where i just stayed in my room. all i did was smoke weed, eat and sleep. i didn’t answer my phone. i didn’t watch tv. i just watched netflix so i don’t have to hear about it. i left to puerto rico. over there it was easier to sleep. i didn’t want to come back. my sister had to fly out over there to bring me back.

i feel like i am a completely different person. i am more understanding. i’m more patient. i enjoy life even more now even though it’s been difficult.

edwin, he/him/his

orlando, florida

interviewed by: Anthony leon

photographed by: louie a. ortiz-fonseca

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