Dominique Morgan (she/her) is a visionary. As executive director of Black & Pink, the largest prison abolitionist organization serving LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV/AIDS who are currently and formerly incarcerated, Dominique has spent the last three years ensuring that these communities have access to mutual aid, housing, treatment and the healing power of community. 
Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Dominique’s journey to becoming one of the country’s most renowned social justice activists required more than resiliency. It required the kind of audacity to exist unapologetically, this is how she has inspired so many to do the same. 
When she walked out of the Nebraska Department of Corrections, where she spent 18 dehumanizing months in solitary confinement, she had nothing but a bag of cassettes of songs that she wrote–as a survival tactic–to save her mind and spirit. 11 years later, she is on the verge of a musical breakthrough with her album “Pisces in E Flat Major.” 

Scheduled to drop on December 22, 2020, “Pisces in E Flat Major” is a collection of pulsating r&b/pop songs that harken back to a time when even the harmonies of a song told a story. A Piscean herself, Dominique’s music takes you on a singular journey to healing while traveling in two directions simultaneously. Ya know, Pisces are complex and what not. The album’s lead single “Soulmates” hits streaming platforms on December 1st. 
When asked what she hoped listeners feel and take from her music, Dominique says. “I want folks to know they aren’t alone. You’re not the only person who loved someone who didn’t love you back. You’re not the first person to look a fool for someone. You aren’t the first.”

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