Abraham | Philadelphia, PA

I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Atlanta city and then to Philadelphia. I was married before, I was, you know, I was confused. Because you know, in Puerto Rico back of the day, they pushed you. You had to get married, you had to get Barry and forcing you to get married. So I get married. But now I feel free though. I said no, I have to be who I am. 

I come from a family of seven brothers and three sisters. They pushed me they know and said “You have no girlfriend.” So I had to remember, that the Bible doesn’t say that you had to get married. You know, God never got married. You know, I’m happy for who I am. He loved me just the way I am. I feel good. And I feel free. I feel happy. So happy with myself. 

Abraham, He/Him
Philadelphia, PA

Interviewed by: Anthony Leon (06.21.16)
Photographed by: louie ortiz-fonseca (06.21.16)


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