Undocumented Tales: The YouTube Series About Being Queer, Undocumented and In Search of Love

Undocumented Tales is a YouTube web series that follows the journey of Fernando, an undocumented queer immigrant from Mexico living in U.S. While watching the series, viewers will be reminded of the all too common experiences of classism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia experienced by Fernando and his friends. Nevertheless, viewers will also have a peak into the lives of characters that we can relate to and shout out at the screen “gurl, that is me!”

While navigating friendship, love, and family acceptance, the series gifts us a unique perspective on issues related to LGBTQ+ identity, immigration, and survival. 

The series constantly reminds me of times in my childhood where I felt that I didn’t know any LGBTQ-affirming adults. Like Fernando, I knew that wasn’t true as I had several friends with affirming parents and relatives that validated my identity, asked about partners, and reminded me that I was family. In the series, we see that through characters such as Simon’s mom.

While entertaining, Undocutales still reminds us all of the fight ahead: inclusive immigration policies, support for trans women of color, and a world where LGBTQ+ people of color authentically exist, all the time.

You can binge season 3 of Undocumented Tales today on Youtube.

Armonte Butler is a writer and activist based in Washington, D.C. He is passionate about adolescent sexual health and supports LGBTQ youth of color and youth living with HIV to become activists and leaders in their communities, on their campuses, and at the institutional, state, and federal levels. In addition, he has conducted an array of research on gender and sexual minorities in Argentina and the Dominican Republic.  He holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Global Studies and Gender Studies from Sewanee: The University of the South. 


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