For the past four years, we have proudly participated in #TransphobiaIsASin, a social media campaign. Below is more information about the campaign and how folks can continue to support. 

FROM @TheBlackTransPrayerBook:

Okay, Jan 15th is over, but I still have questions and/or want to know how to support the #TransphobiaIsASin Campaign and the Black Trans Prayer Book! 

Why Do you use the word “Sin”?

We use the word “Sin”, which we acknowledge is a very charged word, primarily because we want to shift the framework from which people have the conversation about the worth/worthiness/holiness of Trans folks in religious spaces. In many religious institutions, it is demanded that Trans people prove or disprove whether or not we are against the rules of religion, are going against God(s) design etc. These frameworks put the burden of proof onto Trans people, when really, the people that really need to be questioned and held to a higher standard are those committed to theologies of violence and transantagonism which causes real physical, emotional and spiritual harm to Trans people. The purpose of the campaign is to shed light on what Trans people experience and make space to interrogate the Transphobic religious practices that impact our religious, AND secular lives.

Okay, so you explained “Sin”. You also say “Transphobia is Haram”, but “Sin” and “Haram” don’t mean the same thing. Are you all Muslim? 

Yes, ‘Sin’ and ‘Haram’ ultimately have different definitions. When we look at the word ‘Haram’ within Islam, what is very clear is that something considered ‘Haram’ is forbidden. The purpose of using ‘Haram” is not to be a direct mirror to the word “Sin”, but to again make plain that Transphobia is not in alignment with the values of an Ummah committed to justice and care. We wish to make clear that any practice or belief that causes violence against community members is not in alignment with the values of Islam. Both creators of this campaign have roots within Islam. 

I wanted to participate in the #TransphobiaIsASin Campaign, but I missed Jan 15th!!! What do I do now?

Regardless of the date, if you become aware of the campaign and want to contribute, please continue to add to #TransphobiaIsASin ! We get submissions all year, Jan 15th just being the most active and intentional day we ask folks to participate.


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