Throwback: Easter 1994

we weren’t catholic but easter was still a big thing in our family. and by that i mean, we got new clothes to show off while doing what we did every other day – sit on the damn steps. 

we didn’t get easter baskets. we didn’t go to sunday mass. we didn’t do family outings. those were not part of our easter traditions. easter was simply the day that we showed off our new clothes

this picture was taken on easter sunday in 1994. when my mother gave me $70 to buy an easter outfit earlier that week, i ran around the corner to my best friend robert’s house to tell him that we had money for easter clothes. we rushed to the avenue and with that $70 managed to buy both of our outfits, his hat and my janet “if” choker. our mission was let the bitches have it on easter – and we did! 

i don’t remember which one of us managed to get ahold of a disposable camera but somehow we did. i do remember chiqui, the pentecostal girl who lived next door to me took this picture.

we wore these same outfits the following friday to the k-7 concert. to change things up, we wore each other’s outfits. chyle, with $70 we created magic, memories and a photo that still slays 24 years later.

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