my gay ass christmas playlist

i love, love, love the holiday season. yes, it is about peace, love and blah, blah, blah. i enjoy and believe in those things as well. but what i love most about this holidays is the music. why? well, for starters, most christmas pop songs are campy af! they are outreagoeus and generally are songs about a man who brings you gifts. or that other man who was reportedly born the month of december. so yeah, christmas music slaps! 

in celebration of this joyous season (minus the season depression that exists in the background), here is a few of my favorite christmas songs. enjoy!

the weather girls | dear santa (bring me a man)

best known for their ever-enduring 1982 classic, “it’s raining men,” the weather girls have us that same energy in this wonderful new-disco holiday jam, “santa (bring me a man this christmas).

grace jones | little drummer boy

in 1988, “pee-wee herman’s playhouse” was america’s most watched weekly children’s show. it was and remains one of the wackiest and queerest kids show in tv history. i don’t have proof of that other than my opinion but this is my blog so that’s enough for me. anywho, the christmas special features the black queer icon, grace jones, walking into the playhouse in a fuckin’ mink, dope ass fuck head piece and beautiful plastic breast plate. she then performs the classic, “little drummer boy.” this moment, and i cannot stress this enough people, was an amazing thing to watch in 1988.

kurtis blow | hristmas rap

we don’t talk about the hip-hop pioneer kurtis blow enough. he was the most successful rap artists during the early 1980’s and gave us “basketball”, one the first (someone fact check this for me) rap songs with a sung chorus. however, his first hit was actually a christmas song entitled, “christmas rap.” is this the first christmas rap song? someone fact this for me as well. released in 1979, “christmas rap,” the success of the song helped kurtis her first record deal.

mariah carey | joy to the world (celebration mix)

the queen of christmas and the patron saint mariah carey just scored her #19 number single with the unstoppable quartet of century old, “all i want for christmas is you.” now, i am holding out for the rest of the world to (re)discover the celebration remix of “joy to the world.” remixes by her former frequent remix collaborator, david morales, this mix of the holiday classic is a reminder that you can celebration the birth of mariah on the dance floor.

big freedia | make it jingle

and i cannot have a gay ass christmas list without including the bounce holiday jam by the queen of the south, big freedia. released in 2017, “make it jingle” should be played immediately after mariah’s “all i want for christmas is you.” why? because it keeps the energy going and it deserves all of the streams.

so i made a cute lil gay ass christmas playlist for y’all to shake y’all asses to or to have a mini holiday turn up at your desk.

written by: louie a. ortiz-fonseca

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