Divas to the Dancefloor Please: Five Femme queen Vogues Icons

Femme Queen Performance has been an important factor and foundation of Ballroom Culture since it began, a category reserved for Trans Women.

Here are five Femme Queen Vogue icons that not only dominated the category but continue to influence an entirely new generation femme queen vogue performers. 

Icon Janese Zion

Icon Janese Zion’s impact on femme queen performance and vogue can never be denied. as one the first femme queens to incorporate the hip hop style of dance into vogue, she ushered in a new wave of performance and will forever be one of the greatest to ever do it.

Icon Tamara Ebony

Icon Tamara Ebony started walking femme queen performance in the late 90s. with The House Of Revlon and Mizrahi, she graced the ballroom community with her unique style of dramatics. with The House Of Ebony, she solidified her legacy as a master of vogue.

Icon Dee Dee (Revlon)

Icon Dee Dee (Revlon) West is one the reasons voguers of today aspire to catch a beat. with a distinct hand performance and musicality. , she established herself as an Icon of Femme Queen Performance with The House of Revlon. today she is still gracing the floor with The House Of West

Legendary Champagne Icon

With The House Of Icon, Legendary Champagne Icon made her name as one of the top dramatic femme queen performances of the blue era. she stormed the floor with her sickening duckwalk, dramatic flair and floor performance and technique that made her a household in her category. she is the definition of clean dramatics!

Icon Mother Aamina

Icon Mother Aamina, is one of the crown jewels of femme queen performance. originating from the Philadelphia ballroom scene, she stepped on the floor as a Karan with show-stopping productions and unique performance, and she continued to stamp her name in ballroom history with The House Of Prodigy and Mizrahi. today she is still teaching the world what it means to be a radical thinker and a voguer.

Noelle Deleon (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, archivist, writer, and dancer committed to the history and progression of trans and queer life. You can follow her on both Twitter and Instagram @ noellearchives.


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