Deandre Bryant | Washington, DC

My name is Deandre Bryant and so this picture is Me as an infant I was born with a full head of hair and my hair was so long that my hair would cover my eyes. So when the nurse came and brought me to my mother she moved my hair from my eyes and my eyes were a different color. 

My mother was soooo in love and surprised at the same time you gave me the nickname “Handsome”. The funny thing is the nurse in the hospital and a few other people called me Handsome so much that some strangers really believed that was my name.

Periodically through the seasons my eyes would change different colors. As time went on they eventually stopped and remained brown. One time at the hospital a patient heard me being called handsome and came over and gave me $20 dollars just because my name was so different. Here’s just a small insight on my childhood.

Deandre Bryant (he/they)
Gran Varones Fellow
Washington, DC


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