Carlos, A Day With HIV

What is in a day with HIV?

#adaywithhiv looks different for everyone. For some it can mean stressing over medication. It can be an internal abyss of fear of disclosure. It can be trying to find housing. It can be trying to find a job. It can be internalizing all of the external stigma and micro aggressions we experience but don’t speak up on cuz we’re not out. For some it can be just trying to find a reason to smile. We all take our journey day by day and sometimes that’s all we can handle.

We must build day upon day learning to sit with yourself and drown out all of the other forces at play and realize your greatness. Your presence, your voice, your experience, your force, your resiliency, your courage, your strength, your vulnerability and your bravery to just live, make you POSITIVELY POWERFUL.

carlos, he/him/his 

gran varones fellow

los angeles ca.


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