A Love Poem by Ryan West

Why does it feel so real? That it feels like I’m juiced up with my favorite

I wish my ancestors felt this type of safe. The shackles that are on my feet released.You love way i talk my shit, you see me running the shit.

Planted our conversation like seed, pushed our souls in the ground, watching it grow, the sun raised us up, manifesting acres of empathy. 

I didn’t want the morning to be the end, so instead, we just laid… In what felt like infinite space, of love, passion, turmoil. 

But again love, passion, and us. I have tapped into that I am love and love doesn’t have to be given to me cause I am it, nor will it be taken away. Cause I am full of it.

Thanks for teaching me that.

written by ryan west (they/them)
gran varones fellow
austin, texas


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